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June 2010 | B Lab Blog: "Expand Your Awareness: Better Know Mindful Investors"

May 2010 | Mindful Investors Year End Update

April 2010 | Mindful Investors Year End Update

March 2010 | Maryland passes the Nation's first Benefit legislation, creating and protecting the missions of "B" Corporations, modeled on proposed legislation created by Mindful supported B Lab

March 2010 | Why Tap Water is Better than Bottled Water National Geographic

March 2010 | Green Agriculture - The Next Hot Investment Sector? greentechmedia

March 2010 | Agriculture 2.0 Silicon Valley

February 2010 | CleanFish Loch Duart Salmon Featured at the "Olympics of Food"

February 2010 | Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners Now Available at Whole Foods

January 2010 | "Shrimp's Dirty Secrets: Why America's favorite seafood is a Health and Environmental Nightmare"

January 2010 | "Seventh Generation: Protecting Its Green Turf"


December 2009 | Mindful Investors December Newsletter

December 2009 | The New York Times talks to CleanFish about sourcing seafood

November 2009 | National Footprint Association 2009 Fact Sheet

October 2009 | CleanFish Co-Founder Dale Sims Named 2009 Purpose Fellow by Encore Careers

September 2009 | TIME Names CleanFish a Responsibility Pioneer

June 2009 | Study Reveals Sustainability is a "Must-Have" for Long-Term Business Viability

June 2009 | Seventh Generation Hires New CEO

May 2009 | Sustainable Food News: "Mindful Investors continues streak of picking hot sustainable product brands" with Big Idea Holdings/organicgirl investment

May 2009 | Mindful organicgirl investment in Dow Jones VentureWire news

May 2009 |CleanFish Voted Top 5 Businesses Making a Profit and a Difference by BusinessWeek

May 2009 | Mindful Investors Invest in Big Idea Holdings, an innovative, leading processor and marketer of premium packaged salads and produce, with their organicgirl brand, representing one of the most successful new product launches in the history of organic produce


August 2008 | "Cleanfish: Winner of Eco-Ocean Award" by Food and Wine, Ratha Tep, August 2008

August 2008 | Mindful Investors invests in Ecohaus, Inc., a leading west coast retailer of green building materials.

July 2008 | Mindful Investors becomes a B Corporation; Mindful Investors joins a group of over 100 companies selected to represent a new responsible business movement to promote "doing well" while "doing good".

July 2008 | "Seventh Generation selected as the #1 best company on the planet" by The Better World Shopping Guide, July 23, 2008


June-2007 | "San Francisco-based CleanFish has raised Series A funding" by alarm:clock, June 8, 2007